Marion Bowland Birthday Party FAQ

Is there a minimum number requirement?
Marion Bowland has no minimum number requirement. You can bring in any size group you like.

Is a deposit required?
No, Marion Bowland does not take deposits for Birthday Parties. All we require is confirmation of numbers 2 days prior to your party. Marion Bowland only charges for the children that play on the day.

How many people can bowl on a lane?
For your own comfort, Marion Bowland restricts the number of players per lane to 6. There are no additional charges for using multiple lanes.

How long will a party last?
Generally speaking a one game party will last 2 hours from start to finish, while a 2 game party will last 2.5 to 3 hours.

Do we bowl first, then eat?
Yes! All Marion Bowland parties bowl first and eat after the completion of all games.

Do you have a party room?
We have TWO! However, we do not guarantee the use of a party room. Allocation of the rooms is left to the day of the party and depends on what other groups we have for the day. Parties not seated in a room will have a table set for them in our large cafe area.

Will my party have a 'host'?
Marion Bowland does not use party 'hosts'. All of our lanes have automatic scoring and the names of all the guests will be entered into the computer by one of our staff while taking the food orders and shoe sizes.

When are birthday parties available?
Our parties are available any time, 7 days a week!

Can I bring a cake?
Absolutely! Marion Bowland has Peters IceCream cakes for $13 ea (serves 8) or you are more than welcome to bring your own cake. Marion Bowland can supply any plates and spoons required at no additional cost.